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Our Mission Statement.
At Event Massage we have a national team of certified and experienced massage professionals committed to excellence and dedicated to making your event experience a memorable success..

Event Massage
Specialist on-site, massage therapists Nationwide.

Event Massage
was developed by Lara Mandeno with the idea of providing a national 'One Stop Shop' - one call - massage health concept. It removes the need to search phone directories or Internet sites to cover multiple event requirements, locations, traveling teams and corporate events.

As of December 2010, Lara has completely stepped away from Event Massage and the company has now been taken over by another leading therapist Andrei Iwanow.  

is now safe in the expert hands of Andrei Iwanow who has a talented background in marketing and sales.
Andrei also trained as a Tactile Therapists at the E.S.T.T. College of Natural Medicine and M.I.M.T. in Melbourne, he is also an accredited A.F.L. Level 1 Sports Trainer
Event Massage attends locations and are fully equipped with portable massage tables and or massage chairs, we perform a wide range of relatation, therapeutic, deep tissue, remedial massages. In an event pre/post massage, as either mini massage or a full body massage. We can also incorporate a number of different massages into one treatment.
Mini Massages are able to be tailored to focus on specific issues for 10 to 15 min durations or even up to 30 mins. Mini Massages are particularly useful where time and results are of paramount concern.
We can teach you how to manage stress, so the benefits of your massage can last longer. We can identify and reduce muscular problems before they become chronic and debilitating.

Whether you are an individual, own a business, or play sport, Event Massage will help you get the most out of your days!

Event Massage will provide:

  • The best on-site massage to the client
  • The client a hassle free booking experience
  • A Professional service at all times
  • This service country wide

Call 0220 40500 96 day to find out more and ask about our special offers.

No booking is too large or small. From the individual company looking for one massage therapist on a regular basis, to a team of therapists required for an event with thousands of participants, Event Massage is the answer.

Our therapists can tour with teams or individuals New Zealand wide or overseas.

We provide skilled, experienced and professional massage therapists for on-site needs such as:

Sporting Events: (mini massage) marathons, triathlons, swimming meets, motor racing, extreme sports, rowing events, golf

Professional Sports Teams: local & visiting internationals like: rugby, soccer, tennis, yachting, cricket, netball, basketball

Professional Sporting Individuals: local & visiting internationals, golfers, athletes, overseas individuals on tour, cyclists

Professional Individuals: performers, bands, actors, media people

Corporate Events: (mini massage) Conferences, expos, team building exercises, training camps, in-office functions and more....
Eventmassage specializes in:
  • General Relaxation
  • Workplace
  • Sports & Remedial
  • Therapeutic 

Individual, Workplace & Sports Massage Experts.

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